Even bears nap, c’mon now

A nice siesta you might say. What I mean by that is, took me a few days to get this next post up! It’s not because of my laziness, or lack of commitment… you won’t believe what has happened over the past few days…

Now that I caught you’re attention (maybe), it was all bull. The past few days were pretty good but not THAt good. Got a chance to upload 2 mixes recently that turned out pretty good I think:

1) http://soundcloud.com/djlightbright/look-sail-say-bang

2) http://soundcloud.com/djlightbright/were-beautiful-lightly-whipped

Give those a listen and see what you think. On another note, got a call from Cord Stone, producer/manager/performer of some well known groups as The Space Rockers & The Video Stars. I used to work for The Space Rockers for about 7 months and kept fairly good contact with the members/owner. Cord wants to try to use DJ Light Bright for ongoing guest performances with The Video Stars at some of their bigger shows. Not only that but he would like to coordinate a joint performance for this Saturday at Sherlock’s Pub here in Austin. I’m definitely excited about the idea but not sure I can see how we can make this happen this quick. Stay tuned to see how this turns out.


Not DJ Hero, DJ Light Bright


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