In Spirit We Shine… Inspiritwashine…. Inspiration!

Where am I? How did I get here. It’s like a new revelation or a new wake up I seem to experience. I couldn’t well explain how I got here as I haven’t left much of a trail. Those times are over, you’ll see everything now. I hope your ready, I hope I’m ready.

Great News! Fado’s Irish Pub has decided to hire on DJ Light Bright for a weekly Friday gig. The only request is that the human sounds that emanate are those of the Irish Pub way (given them pubians [what i have decided to call them ^_^] seems to get a lil cray cray around those hours before the silence falls and tend to like that booty shaken bizness) so expect some of those fine classic hit tunes blended with some Irish/Celtic jams and even some great top 40 selection! Now since there will be multiple strange humans watching, I have decided to place a human face hologram that displays instead of my helmet to keep things chill… wouldn’t wanna upset the Irish!

On another interstellar note! 2 New jams with some fun material were recorded since we last talked. Talk a listen and of course love it!


ps: Light Party tnight!!! Gonna rock the house!!!!


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