Originally named “Chanus” by his human discoverers on his first landing in the 90′s, DJ Light Bright is an artificial sentience created by an alien species that are obsessed with sound, from a very distant galaxy.

Initially created as a created a fully conscious, learning and observing computer program, his original purpose was to seek out planets sustainable to life and report back any new and interesting sounds for musical creation back on his home planet.

By fate, Light Bright crashed landed on the outskirts of a Daft Punk concert, who’s electronic music instantly gripped him.

Upon his landing (or should we say crashing), Light Bright’s head and circuits were severely damaged giving him an odd affinity for low frequency sounds, or “booty shaken’ bass” as we call it. Quickly accepted by his new digitally obsessed discoverers (who happened to be on a budget), his head was replaced with a CRT computer monitor.

His obsession with lasers and his 8-bit facial expressions quickly earned him the name ‘Light Bright’, and in the late 2000′s he began attempting to make his first electronic musical sounds.

Today, DJ Light Bright is known to mix electronic music with many genres of human music including the Dubstep, Electro, Top 40-remixes, and much more with a splash of internet memage and nerdcore soundclips.

It’s not uncommon to find DJ Light Bright broadcasts his sounds across the universe, so keep a close eye… or ear rather!