Social SkqQuirmish O_O

Today I did it. Not only did I get that social flow going wit my netwurkin dawg, but I didn’t find it stupid. So what I’m saying is I got a twitter account for my dj thingy and followed a few influential artists, and guess what, they had some cool stuff to say that could help me in my journey. Sounds like DJ Bl3nd got screwed by signing some contract and some other stuff.

…Moving on, … Headaches today. I decided to practice just a few songs while setting up my new borrowed laptop for the Machine and Mixtrack… The songs got tighter and as I felt myself getting closer to mixing perfectly… or close enough for me to it, I found the songs getting more and more boring. Well, boring won’t stop me.

Mushrooms… mushrooms… everywhere, or at least over there… mushrooms…


ps: oh yea, should mention, the twitter is:


Auditory Genesis

What is a blog? Would it by any other name sound so sweet? How about ‘small annoying random thing to herp derp about’… Welcome to my herp derp thru my musical journey to be something more than a mere man, yet a mere man with some good music and something to show from it.

Distractions are my enemy, or at least the enemy of achieving my goal by tonight, always by tnight.

So I have a light up robot helmet, a few tracks I’ve been working on, and a room setup & the internet. No one seems to have any non steriotypical advice on how to do this, but it sure is fun.

Herp derp




DJ Light Bright Rigg

I hug suggestions and critiques…

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